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the new Kadima Party persues its stated policy objectives:

According to the ever inaccurate Wikipedia, the stated objective was a "policy of unilateral disengagement - removing Israeli settlements from Palestinian territory and fixing the borders with a separation barrier". This is foolishness discredited two paragraphs later when they print the party platform - I'd be surprised if they ever even lied about their objectives enough to say such a thing except through their American spokesmen, who for our benefit are obligated to lie about the most mundane and obvious things: they ran on a campaign to harden captured territory and unilaterally declare their own borders, including the existing major West Bank settlements and the whole of the Jordan River Valley, and leave territory to the Palestinians only if the Jewish majority could not be maintained otherwise. That's how their pluralistic thinking extends itself.

So when "Officials said Sunday that Israel has approved plans to expand four Jewish settlements in the West Bank" and that further the "new expansion includes converting Maskiot, an army outpost in the Jordan River Valley" - i.e. building new settlements - it should come as no surprise, "territorial concessions" having been defined as "not taking everything":

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