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kadima's sole political goal of withdrawing from much of the west bank:

Israelís Prime Minister Ehud Olmert authorized construction bids today for another 690 homes in the occupied West Bank.

Ok, yes, that could only be surprising to people who believe imaginary background descriptions like:

Mr. Olmert, whose Kadima party was elected on a promise to pull thousands of Israeli settlers out of the West Bank beyond the route of Israelís separation barrier

This frame of reference doesn't exist, they explicitly told the press in the first place that thousands of settlers would not be withdrawn at all, but re-settled inside the West Bank. It's an invention of the New York Times, among other papers, and in no uncertain terms a clear and outright and unilateral rejection of the "road map", nevermind every other peace proposal on record, and it clearly was when Kadima announced the plan. This is not some sudden revelation.

update: All we ever wanted to do was withdraw from most of the west bank:

According to the Israeli human rights organisation, B'tselem, between 1999 and 2003 in East Jerusalem 229 houses and other structures were demolished while in 2004 and 2005 alone 198 houses were demolished, displacing 594 people. This acceleration coincides with new land expropriations and plans for the development of new Jewish settlements in the heart of Palestinian neighbourhoods such as in Ras-al-amud or the Mount of Olives.

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