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"We kept impressing this on Higher, and they just couldn’t get that through their heads. What the fuck good are they?:

the answer, judging from the latest posts from the CPA's blogging propaganda organ, is none at all. It's game over. The administration apparently intends to reconquer Iraq by performing a re-enactment of the Saddam regime's suppression of Kurd and Shi'ite rebellions - an act it should know well enough, having made more than a few cameos in the first and second acts - but with undersupported cannon-fodder (troops, I mean). Or we can prevent them from doing so. Having done the nigh impossible and delivering a loss for Al Qaeda by uniting Iraqi Sunni and Shi'ites against the occupation - what, almost a century since this happened, and last time they kicked out the British - it's time to declare victory and get out: hand mediation to the UN, do what can be done on our part to keep the Kurdish AZs out of any ensuing civil conflicts and help them defend what we helped them win in the past decade, accept any eventual political exiles into our homes, and leave what we've broken beyond our ability to repair in the store, with reparations for 40 years of injustice waiting on the counter for the new shopkeepers.

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