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    perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..., 2005-03-30 00:49:36 | Main | "a particularly gruesome episode of South Park"..., 2005-03-30 21:42:31

    U.S. officials in Baghdad said they are prepared to play diplomatic hardball including the threat to withhold billions in promised reconstruction aid to ensure that Iraq's political newbies stick to the game plan for a democratic, pluralistic, federalist, and unified state. "The Iraqis are free to choose whatever vision of Iraq they want. That's entirely up to them," says a diplomat in Baghdad. "It's entirely up to us, the United States, who we choose to support. We can use these funds elsewhere."

    Titty jiggling howels of laughter shook me to the core when I read the words "game plan". But sure, if they try kicking out our oil minister we can just send the what little "reconstruction" funds that haven't been pished away on security or wasted with corruption over to Egypt to help Mubarak stage his "election", or, like, if Iraq goes Talibanesque we can shore up the Saudi regime a little higher! Fucking balls.

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