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    An article reprinted by Sawicky coughs up the "actual" reasons why the war will happen. The more subjective qualities of speculating on the motivations of the power elite is a little beleaguering to me. I tend to expect that a lot of the folks up top actually believe some of their own rhetoric, like, say, cultish fanatics engaged in ritualistic worship practices believe theirs. Power is a religion like any other. The question is which set of explanations (vocalized and other) will have greater efficacy in predicting future outcomes. The explanations for this war offered by political (not business or military, in this case) elite suggests a vast, charismatic ignorance that is perfectly in keeping with my general impression of career politicians, and future outcomes of a war on Iraq will be just as easily be explained by pure unprocessed stupidity as sinister market valuations of human life.

    So reason 8) Because we're unconcious. Hence "Special" K's response.

    Christopher Allbritton does much better on the "root causes" of American policy - it helps when you actually site internal documents - and makes the Chomskesque observation that the US is interested Persian Gulf oil reserves to keep Europe and Japan appropriately subservient.

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