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    getting themselves a serious foreign policy..., 2004-03-05 13:17:23 | Main | "There are no longer any democratic violations to criticise because there is no longer any democracy"..., 2004-03-08 11:48:43

    anti-terrorism in an age of moral clarity:

    this is their "al-Qaeda-Saddam link", in all its absurd glory. This isn't foreign policy, it's the land of make-believe. W the Owl has apparently skipped his prerequisites at O.C.S..

    The fact that they had the option to attack an Ansar al Islam enclave [*] in Iraq and decided not to (similar in substance if not in style to when the US agreed to a ceasefire with anti-Iranian terrorist organization Mujahedeen-e-Khalq) is compounded by the fact that this anti-European/Kurd/Saddam terrorist camp existed under the protection of the US/UK no-fly zones with, apparently, full US awareness of the fact, in Kurdish-controlled territory, while the USG sat on the President's thumb for a year as he exhonerated us to support a war against Iraq because this guy Saddam was harboring terrorists. Not a terrible indictment, by itself, but not a very serious attitude towards fighting terrorism, either. Kevin Drum says that Zarqawi has reportedly killed some 700 people since then, but what's multiple 9-11s visited upon a population 1/12th our size for the sake of liberty! Etc.

    Will Costa Ricans ever find justice against American narco-terrorist John Hull? Are we going to continue harboring terrorists Emmanuel Constant and Luis Posada Carriles? Isn't it a little sanctimonious to wage wars "for democracy" and "against terror" when you're materially supporting the opposite?

    To quote El Presidente "so long as nations harbor terrorists, freedom is at risk". Indeed.

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