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    because we haven't done enough already:

    Bernard Henri-Levy is explaining to Charlie Rose on the teevee that he went 400 miles into the Darfur region accompanied by Darfurian guerillas and says it's much worse than we're told, that it's "scorched earth". Maybe he's talking about the desertification of the region at the root of the conflict. Anyway, the gist of it seems to be that we need to do something.

    The UNHCR's latest estimate of the number displaced by that conflict is 2 million. That's the product of what the Bush administration insists are genocidal policies. Now amid reports (not new, just repeated) that the Iraqi government is lying about official casualty statistics the UNHCR says the number of displaced Iraqis has swelled to 4 million. I saw Jon Stewart's billionth love-in with John McCain last night, and he tells me that we're already doing something about that. It made me want to drop bricks on my head from something high.

    Also on the radar: Doctors Without Borders is reporting a mass exodus out of Mogadishu (half a million, by some reports?) with over 1,000 people killed in the Somali capital in the past month. Which people? Who knows, you just need to know that it's bad and that "we" need to "do something".

    I was in Minnesota hiding under the covers all week. Did I miss any other major human catastrophes we had a hand in creating that have incremented in scope by the millions?

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