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    reading from the same page of two different stories..., 2005-08-07 17:27:33 | Main | "the island"..., 2005-08-08 00:55:28

    Chris Rock's HBO special 'Never Scared' or something like, on the box, goes into a decent riff on politics, e.g.: 'The government doesn't care about your safety. They let you buy guns at the Walmart. They don't care if you get hooked on drugs, they want you to get hooked on their drugs. Everytime you turn on the TV there's a commercial listing symptom after symptom their dope will fix, doesn't matter what it is you're in there, they'll invent diseases with symptoms you have to get you hooked on their drugs.'

    Or: the difference between being rich and being wealthy is that Shaq is rich, the white guy who signs his check is wealthy. Goes from there back into men who hawk poisons like alcohol and cigarettes - it's all right because it's all white - see above; to white men sell guns at Walmart, rapper rhymes "gun" with "fun" and Holy Joe Lieberman is holding congressional hearings. I can't type a joke, but this is pretty funny.

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