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    Between the 2008 exit polls and 2004 exit polls, I'd basically hand it to the youth vote. Though the loss of 5% in self-identified Republicans for a 2% gain in Democratic self-identifiers and 3% gain in "Independents" (no change at all in ideological self-id, though more of every persuasion voted for the donk) probably didn't hurt.

    The rally was fun and my legs are still sore. Something about standing in place for six hours straight. I felt kinda bad for not being as rallied up as all these young people, who apparently have rally to spare, but they put on a good show.

    update: It looks like lower income voters were grossly under-represented:

    incomeshare of votersshare of households
    <50K 37% 51%
    50-75 21%18%
    75-100K 15% 11%
    >100K 26% 17%

    That's a pretty significant shift from last election to higher income voter turnout. 45% of 2004 voters made less than 50K, while only 18% made over 100K. I guess that whole plot to boost low income participation through ACORN voter registration drives and being a beacon of hope to the poor and downtrodden didn't really work so hot.

    For all the higher upper income voter participation this year, they split evenly between the candidates, while the bottom half went 60-38 for the donk. Quite the bifurcation.

:: posted by buermann @ 2008-11-05 02:57:28 CST | link

      You WERE there! That's kinda cool...my kids were looking for you in the crowd. I thought maybe you were hanging with Oprah or Jesse...swapping ideas on domestic agenda.

    posted by leahaz @ 2008-11-05 07:08:40 | link

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