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    drill here, drill now:

    Ever since I heard the RNC chant in one of their rare escapes from lethargy "drill, baby, drill!", I was wondering when the obvious sexual innuendo would become the butt-end for a tittering public. It took longer than I expected, but here we are:

    The two-year, $5.3 million investigation by Interior's inspector general found workers at the Minerals Management Service's royalty collection office in Denver partying, having sex, using drugs and accepting gifts and ski trips and golf outings from energy company representatives with whom they did government business.

    Which oil companies were drilling our civil servants?

    Between 2002 and 2006, 19 oil marketers — nearly a third of the Denver office staff — received gifts and gratuities from oil and gas companies, including Chevron Corp., Shell, Hess Corp. and Denver-based Gary-Williams Energy Corp., the investigators found.

    I think they did it for love of country. Here's a Shell employee, in a message to the women of Minerals Management Service:

    We've always provided the patrons with beer on demand, but the ever-depleting supplies have dwindled beer storage to dangerously low volumes on occasion...Although it's a given that the horsemen will indeed 'bring the meat to the table.'

    Quite the party.

:: posted by buermann @ 2008-09-11 13:01:23 CST | link

      I find this very funny and somewhat appealing. I'm unaccustomed to thinking of lobbyists, corporate hacks and the gov't people as real, sweaty, down to earth humans beings. But sodomy and drug abuse go a long way to making them sympathetic characters. The MMS Chicks and their gentlemen friends would be right at home in my double wide. But I'd have to smack the shit out of anyone who called the fun and games "bringing the meat to the table". Life is supposed to be a party, not an oubliette.

    posted by Zomg @ 2008-09-12 08:05:12 | link

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