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    what the fuck kind of racket is this..., 2009-03-26 12:33:27 | Main | more rioting, plz..., 2009-03-26 19:45:15

    first world nation seeks third world status, but too stupid to figure out this whole slum thing:

    Irony. I really love how happy all the poor people are:

    That mix is already evident in a walk around Taco Flats, where Sean Langer, 42, who lost a trucking job in December and could pass for a soccer dad, lives in his car in front of a sturdy shanty that is home to Barbara Smith, 41, a crack addict with a wild cackle for a laugh.

    “This is a one-bedroom house,” said Ms. Smith, proudly taking a visitor through her home built with scrap wood and scavenged two-by-fours. “We got a roof, and it does not leak.”

    During the day, the camp can seem peaceful. American flags fly over some shanties, and neighbors greet one another. Some feed pets, while others build fires and chat.

    Daniel Kent, a clean-shaven 27-year-old from Oregon, has been living in Taco Flats for three months after running out of money on a planned hitchhiking trip to Florida. He did manage to earn $35 a day holding up a going-out-of-business sign for Mervyn’s until the department store actually went of out business.

    Mr. Kent planned to attend a job fair soon, but said he did not completely mind living outdoors.

    “We got veterans out here; we got people with heart, proud to be who they are,” Mr. Kent said. “Regardless of living situations, it doesn’t change the heart. There’s some good people out here, really good people.”

    Ha ha ha! They could teach us something about how to be better recessionistas and content ourselves with six figure bonuses!

    In any other country I think people rendered homeless by a housing bubble would have the sense to just squat in one of the millions and millions of empty homes across the country. We built entire towns that stand empty and instead of going and making some use of this otherwise utterly worthless real estate people are living in Bushvilles.

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