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    hagiography - reagan the cold war hawk:

    from his man in moscow:

    Classified at the time, the directive included the aim of promoting change "within the narrow limits available to us ... toward a more pluralistic political and economic system" and the desire to "engage with the Soviet Union in negotiations to attempt to reach agreements which protect and enhance U.S. interests and which are consistent with the principle of strict reciprocity and mutual interest." The Soviet leadership, the document continued, should be made aware that "important benefits for the Soviet Union" would flow from "genuine restraint in their behavior." ...

    The hard-liners in Reagan's administration not only got it wrong -- consistently underestimating the possibilities for change in the Soviet Union and the willingness of the new general secretary, Gorbachev, to embrace both far-reaching domestic reform and a strikingly innovative foreign policy -- but they also lost the most crucial battles in the bitter inter-agency struggles that took place in Washington. In the final analysis, Reagan preferred the judgment of Secretary of State George Shultz to that of Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and CIA director William Casey.

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