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    how the irish at least saved latin:

    Thomas Cahill, How the Irish Saved Civilization, p.180, takes a break from celebrating the pluralism of the early Irish church to denounce:

    Arian -- that is, following a debased, simpleminded form of Christianity in which Jesus was given a status similar to that of Mohammed in Islam.

    I'm not sure which is the stranger bigotry, to consider Christians who believe Jesus was created by God before the creation as "debased" and "simpleminded", or to confuse this nevertheless exalted and worshipful divine status with Muslims' respect for the Prophet.

    Cahill doesn't seem to wear any particular confessional identity on his sleeve -- saying somewhere that, while he was raised Irish-Catholic, he thinks of himself more as Jewish -- he might be throwing his lot here in with the particular brand of ignorance throughout history that has imagined that Muslims worship Mohammed.

    Or maybe it's just an ill-considered hasty generalization, made in the middle of an otherwise fantastic little book, with little room to reflect on the fairly Arian beliefs of the many Unitarians and Deists who, together, at the certain enough risk to their necks from certain trinitarian authorities, somehow managed to clobber something much like modern civilization together.

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