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    i am surrounded on all sides by a vast interlocking web of conspiracy theorists:

    The Washington Post:

    In his first interview with a U.S. news outlet since taking office, [IAEA director] Amano asserted that he is not sure whether Iran intends to acquire the bomb.

    If the director of the monitoring agency that has all the supporting evidence is unsure of whether or not Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, why are liberals so sure of it?

    Same useful idiots that believed the same nonsense about Iraq, I suppose. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that they learned nothing from being so stupendously wrong then, since following that debacle they almost immediately started reading from the exact same script with an n substituting for the q. Yglesias is just as dead certain, Drum is just as vacillating, and Thomas Friedman just as bloodthirsty. They're starring in the same roles, even, it's so boring. The original wasn't any good and the remake is worse.

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