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    morality plays and number games..., 2004-10-28 16:39:13 | Main | yet another major address..., 2004-10-29 13:53:15

    I'm not a kerrycrat, but I would be were I in a swing state. Probably going for Cobb, weakening Kerry's probable two digit lead in Illinois. Shame on me huh! Anyway, Cockburn complains that Kerry supporters "mostly eschew any analysis of what President Kerry might do", which begs the question of what people on Kerry's short list are likely to endorse: anecdotally in favor of Cockburn's complaint is that Max pointed out a policy study by a bunch of Kerrycrats and I am apparently the only person to have read any of it. My comment there may or may not be worth reading, but outside the possibility that they might stop bombing the shit out of Iraqi cities (they call it "counterproductive") I didn't see much that I liked. All straight power approaches: we don't care what your grievances are, we're just looking to see how best we can render your expression of them meaningless and ineffective.

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