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    I missed this early OWS endorsement from "tea party founder" Karl Denninger, which is funny on a lot of levels, but heartfelt enough that I would feel bad making fun of it.

    Anyway, Denninger is usually credited with founding the tea party for a blog post back in 2009, a month before Rick Santelli demanded an insurrection from the floor of the Chicago futures exchange. He urged his readers to send tea bags by socialist post to the Whitehouse (he was angry that Obama's inauguration was "not a protest about our government blowing $700 billion ... so that ... Wall Street can continue to rob our nation blind"), but people had been sending tea bags to congress for a lot longer than that:

    "No American troop will go without ... just so the most liberal activists in the country can be quieted," said a senior House Democratic aide. "If it means Democrats in Congress get tea bags and hate mail, so be it - we will not be irresponsible with the lives of our troops." --The Hill, 5/2007.

    Denninger doesn't know how significant his own advice about not being co-opted into a corrupt political system is. Every slightly interesting thing about the tea baggers was poisoned at popular inception by FOX on their way to dying inside the GOP: if you go back far enough into the memetic womb they were a bunch of anti-war protesters.

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