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    clowning around..., 2009-08-24 15:41:55 | Main | his predecessors had a track record of 189 years..., 2009-08-31 14:36:29

    I think I'm beginning to understand what Obama meant by "restoring our leadership in the hemisphere":

    Conn Hallinan observes, among other things:

    Fernando Joya, a former member of Battalion 316, a paramilitary death squad. Joya fled the country after being charged with kidnapping and torturing several students in the 1980s, but he has now resurfaced as a "special security advisor" to the [Honduran] coup makers. He recently gave a TV interview that favorably compared the 1973 Chilean coup to the June 28 Honduran coup.

    The O'Ministration of Hope, Change, and Ponies has kept up a flat faced anomy towards the military coup in Honduras for over two months now. More so, they're technically still funding it, at this point, under the sickening pretext that they're unclear as to whether the military coup is in fact a military coup. The leaders of notorious US-backed death squads from the 1980s have been put back in charge of internal security, the human rights abuses are so outrageous that even the sloths at Human Rights Watch have finally gotten off their precious asses and condemned them, and it's perfectly clear that this administration is supporting the coup materially while serving up plate after plate of steaming rhetorical waffles.

    First they couldn't legally classify the coup as a military coup because math is hard, from there it painfully progressed to a deeper level of nonsense hair-splitting, "The military moved against the president; they removed him from his home and they expelled him from a country, so the military participated in a coup. However, the transfer of leadership was not a military action." With this psychobabble in play they continue to funnel money into the country through the back doors.

    So after selling us out to the banks, shopping for the price at which to sell us out to big pharma and the insurance companies, escalating the war in Afghanistan, entrenching Bush's detainee policies, protecting the telecoms and the torturers and generally obstructing justice, and building up an impressive track record of Orthodoxy and Gloom, Black Jesus President is demonstrating "our unshakeable commitment to freedom" in Latin America by backing his first coup there.

    Yee haw.

:: posted by buermann @ 2009-08-26 09:11:08 CST | link

      Brilliant summary of the craptastic Obama show. Math is easy. "The O'Ministration of Hope, Change, and Ponies..." = priceless.

    posted by DianeWarth @ 2009-10-02 13:28:41 | link

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