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    "the United States should simply get out, cutting its losses now"..., 2004-08-23 13:09:16 | Main | DU is Good For U..., 2004-08-24 08:42:03

    if facts don't matter:

    then edenbaum's got yer back:

    "Yes, there were atrocities! Yes, they were documented! Yes, the war sucked! Yes, the soldiers were lied to! What is your definition of partriotism!? IS IT PATRIOTIC TO LIE!??."

    I only know a few - I guess they're called conservatives but that's sort of an insult to old men, of whom I know all too few - who would have to be thrashed on the head like that. The AM-radio public who like Limbaugh because he's so smart and stuff, and all those jackasses on FOX.

    Most of those I interact with in Chicago (why? because most of them are lawyers), nevermind online, are perfectly happy to leap off their carefully staked out moral high ground with abandon and argue that we should take the oil and run, that we should nuke anybody who dare oppose it, and that what's good for Halliburton is good for America. E.g. the bomb-toting public except they don't tote the bombs, or even fly them, but they like the idea of a fellow American dropping them on brown people. Or Frenchmen. Explaining things in terms of national, popular interests is sometimes sufficient to shut them up, if only because every red blooded American bomb-toter who has a soul left or right still hate the corporations with one or two marrowless bones: the first things they'd blow up if only there weren't so many brown targets on top of oil wells or acting communistic everywhere else.

    Generally the Republican voters I know in Minnesota - which is where the bulk of my sample size is located when talking about conservatives, and it's a pretty disinterested bunch - are really rather reasonable all in all, which is maybe why so few of them are still voting Republican, and while I'd be surprised if any were stupid enough to vote for that dopey schlump of a Kerry, sometimes I think it's too bad.

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