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    infallibly inaccurate:

    The NYT describing the context of 'a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 31, 2003':

    Led by Hans Blix, the inspectors had reported little cooperation from Mr. Hussein

    Hans Blix, reporting to the UNSC on Iraq's level of cooperation, 1/9/03:

    "if we had met a denial of access or other impediment to our inspections we would have reported it to the Council. We have not submitted any such reports....The absence of 'smoking guns' and the prompt access which we have had so far and which is most welcome...

    ...the prompt access/open doors policy that has been pursued so far by Iraq vis--vis the inspectors is an indispensable element of transparency in a process that aims at securing disarmament by peaceful means. However, prompt access is by no means sufficient to give confidence that nothing is hidden in a large country with an earlier record of avoiding disclosures. Iraq is very familiar with the fact that only declarations supported by evidence, will give confidence about the elimination of weapons. In this respect we have not so far made progress.

    If evidence is not presented, which gives a high degree of assurance, there is no way the inspectors can close a file by simply invoking a precept that Iraq cannot prove the negative.

    That's cooperation. The element of doubt introduced by Iraq's innability to account for the destruction of weapons after the war is otherwise comparable to the failures of major American accounting firms, say, or the US Department of Defense. Hence Bush would have to "twist arms and even threaten" in order to "work hard on the other members of the Security Council to accept the noncooperation case", and furthermore why he failed.

    This does seem to explain why the Times still hasn't questioned Bush's repeated assertions that Iraq hadn't let inspectors in at all: so many asses to cover, so little left to cover them with. If only they'd report the good news!

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