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    intractible demands:

    via Cole, the Association of Muslim Scholars are making an insanely radical demand for a timetable on US withdrawal: two years. You can see how difficult it would be, the impossible position we're in, with respect to mitigating political conflict and undermining the position of the insurgency. Two months after the election a UN Report is released criticizing the elections, while the Iraqi congressional assembly continues bickering, unable to even agree on the appointment of a largely symbolic post. The Kurds have been stuck in an obstructionist position - the way this was set up they have to get all of their demands agreed to in writing before the process even starts, preventing the assembly from moving to other pressing business until the most volatile points of disagreement are smoothed over. Expanding the areas of disagreement, narrowing the common ground. This situation doesn't seem to bother the administration one bit, the non-response verges on applauding the impasse that is largely of it's own creation, and predictably so.

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