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    all your mullah are belong to us..., 2006-01-26 11:38:11 | Main | Vermin love the Slime..., 2006-01-27 06:25:26

    is our teens brainwashing:

    parenting in this country is motherfucking screwed to the eyeballs:

    Several WWASPS schools have been shut down after abuse claims. Tranquility Bay's counterpart, High Impact, a WWASP affiliate in Mexico, closed in 2002 after dark stories emerged. Teens said they were kept in dog cages. Two parents, Chris Goodwin and Stephanie Hecker, told the Rocky Mountain News their children were made to lie in their underwear for three nights with fire ants roaming over them and were threatened with a cattle prod if they scratched.

    "rarely covered by the media" the story says. That's not true at all, you can routinely watch the daytime talkies, say Jenny and Maury, broadcast hour long promotional videos for how effective these programs are. As if the public schools weren't bad enough.

    In 2003, a dramatic teen uprising in Costa Rica at the company's Dundee Ranch school brought WWASPS to the attention of Times national security reporter Tim Weiner. The uprising began after a visit by Costa Rican officials, who told students they had more rights under local law than WWASPS allowed them. "They told us you have the right to speak, you have the right to speak to your parents, you have the right to leave if you feel you've been mistreated," 17-year-old Hugh Maxwell told the Times. "Kids heard that and they started running for the door. There was elation, cheering and clapping and chaos. People were crying."

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