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    Like Tom bored. But on the same topic I just spent a couple minutes idling through the list of dem govenors with potential for a run. I liked Michigan's govenor, better looking than Hillary and more Canadian to boot, which, unless we want president gropenator, sadly excludes her. Otherwise the man from Iowa appears to be the only one of the lot potentially to the left of Nixon and more libertarian than Breschnev. Maybe. You'd think it'd be an easier litmus test to pass.

    Regardless any senator appearing on on the yay list and not on the nay list should be getting strung up on a rope by party activists, not strung up for the nomination. We will fight Hillary to the death (unless they nominate Cheney)!

    update: we forgot that we, really, have a hard time taking any of this seriously, and shouldn't bother at all with it. It's like watching football, and I have a perfectly good anarchist franchise in madden 2004 I can play with. The primaries, as a sort of exercise in national soapbox politics, matter more than gang warfare. And if your vote - even after all the gerrymandering and the beer commercials - won't in the end be counted it's sort of meaningless to engage in electoral activity at all, even on the speculative, private blogbox level. I'm prone to disagree on the practical level with Proudhoun or whoever it was that said, in different circumstances, that enfranchisement is counterrevolutionary, but wasting time on this stuff certainly is. Thailand is going to brutal lengths to encourage an Islamist seccession, Haiti is being skull fucked, I haven't checked on Nepal in some time, good things are happening in Latin America, and there all kinds of rediculous absurdities in the government's "reconstruction" of the Gulf Coast representative of the reason why this post should never have been posted. The editors vigorously apologize for it's mere existence.

:: posted by buermann @ 2005-09-15 07:40:57 CST | link

      Jennifer Granholm may be more attractive than Hillary (heck, anyone is!), but the way she has handled the issue of water distribution in a poor suburb of Detroit (Hazel Park, maybe?) should effectively turn you off. Shutting off people's water and having private goons go door to door wielding firearms to intimidate people is hardly a progressive way to deal with water problems.

    posted by freeman @ 2005-09-15 15:45:59 | link

    posted by buermann @ 2005-09-15 16:42:34 | link

      It was private goons, not the National Guard. And all that fresh water that surrounds my state is apparently earmarked for corporations such as Nestle who plan on bottling it and selling it to us as "Ice Mountain" spring water.

    posted by freeman @ 2005-09-16 17:32:24 | link

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