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    mental bulimia:

    A conservative acquaintance suggested to me this morning that Bush's actions regarding Georgia may some day lead us to see that "bush is a modern day churchill". The thought was fairly unfathomable, figuring the proposed truce pushed onto Georgia's village idiot by our village idiot seems to give Russia exactly what it wanted, de facto if not entirely de jure. The first hit I got on google news for "bush churchill", in the hopes of discovering what must be the extraordinarily idiotic logic behind such fantasies, was the Wall Street Journal:

    President Bush finally condemned Russia's actions on Monday after a weekend of Olympics tourism in Beijing while Georgia burned. Meanwhile, the State Department dispatched a mid-level official to Tbilisi, and unnamed Administration officials carped to the press that Washington had warned Georgia not to provoke Moscow. That's hardly a show of solidarity with a Eurasian democracy that has supported the U.S. in Iraq with 2,000 troops.

    Compared to this August U.S. lethargy, the French look like Winston Churchill.

    Well, either way you puke it up it's still pretty stupid. The conservative's mental equivalent of chronic acid reflux is that anytime a serious crisis is encountered World War II will be painfully regurgitated. All French President Sarkozy did was host the bridge game, and now the WSJ is comparing him to some archaic thug, to whom, if we're to be serious, was a good deal more like Putin - note the efficient imperial savings to be had by occupying secessionist territories that want to be annexed - than any of these other jokers, pulling off some goofy stunts at the terminal end of a once mighty empire.

    On the bright side, if the simple minded foaming at the mouth for the past week for a "new Cold War" is any indication, none of these people will be running the world for much longer.

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