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    if I was responsible for investigating myself I'd never come up for prosecution, either..., 2005-11-08 13:53:31 | Main | from the annals of scooter libby..., 2005-11-09 02:52:03

    only a nerd would maintain a top ten list in the dead of night of his mother's basement on the greatest prog rock bands to be regularly revised and reconstructed from certain ascertainable first principles of the art:

    I'd not be one to frown on practicing a hobby. But...

    the Bush Administration has compiled dossiers on more than 10,000 Americans it considers political enemies and uses those files to wage war on those who disagree with its policies.

    Sure. Ok, so now he's like Nixon'n'folks, minus all those food stamps and the creation of the colorful welfare royalty such as I might read about in the tabloids (thank you, Mr. Nixon). To be human is to relish gossip! Mr. Bush has merely demonstrated that he's just like anybody else who keeps a list of negative biographies on file. But did he use the FBI et.al. to gather the info?

    The printout, shown to me recently by a friend who works for Justice, identifies me by a long, multi-digit number, lists my date of birth, place of birth, social security number and contains more than 100 pages documenting what the Bureau and the Bush Administration consider to be my threats to the security of the United States of America.

    That's when a hobby becomes, I think, a transfixiation of mindless pursuit not unlike smokey in his escapade of travesties after the bandit, such that he may have become narrowed in upon the false worship of a negligent list, so great a hubris does it take to imagine that anybody cares about one's top 10,000 that one must enlist the nation's great taxpayers to fund its development. Ten, ten is a magnificent number derived from nature as the ten toes or ten fingers of the elusive nerd progrocker and representing the attention span in seconds of those he might someday share it with once it becomes perfected in the dark, laborous hours of the night, but 10,000? Surely this warrants repercussions as none other.

    c.f.t.j. 'counter intelligence between the wars [pdf]', or perhaps 'the organs of state security'.

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