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    our potential has very little potential:

    CATO's David Rittgers flies into a panic whining that we’re all terrorists now just because some Muslim lobbyists, anti-abortion activists, pro-abortion activists, environmental activists, Tea Party activists, NRA activists, anti-death peanlty activists, anti-war activists, third party voters, Ron Paul supporters, right wings, left wingers, and the over 1 million people on the TSC's Terrorism Watch List have all been labeled "potential threats" by the government.

    As we're reminded by the events this week in Egypt, there's a strong argument to be made that we could in fact be a potential threat to the government, but we're Americans and even at our most activist can hardly get up off the couch to go to the window to look outside, let alone go there, so it's probably a gross and unfair exaggeration of our potential to say that we have any.

    I think it's an instructive piece of empirical data to note that our Prime Citizens in the corporate sector have not made it onto any government Fusion Center watch lists. I suspect this is because, in the fine spirit of American anti-terrorism, they do terrorism backwards: they lobby to make killing Americans legal first, then they go ahead and let the mine safety lapse or poison the drinking water or bury a town under a radioactive slurry or feed rat shit to their chickens or whatever it takes to get the job done at a profit, as is right and proper.

    If Al Qaeda had picked up on this trick we'd be promising them tax cuts in the state of the union.

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