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    this is too good..., 2004-03-19 12:32:18 | Main | I may actually take a hammer t..., 2004-03-21 15:09:01

    right tackle:

    Every indication I've seen from John Kerry is that he's really going to run to the right of Bush on foreign policy, and it's laughably absurd. Just look as his advisors. It's just sad. The logic is apparently something like, 'better to keep Americans in the dark about their government's behavior abroad than engage them in an informed discussion about something they're incapable of caring about let alone understand'. That, or these guys really think like this, which is atrocious. He could do this and steer the discussion into useful territory, or this, leading to strategic territory like this. Running to the right on it, leaving the whole imaginary shebackle unopposed, just concedes the entire list of assumptions from the starting line. It's maniacal if it's sincere, it's condescending if it's politics. But it is permanent: nobody feints to the right on campaign foreign policy in America.

    Course it's not really a surprise that the DP is full of soggy bottom bastards. The black caucus are the only ones to so much as make a noise about the blatant overthrow of the elected government in Haiti. Everybody else bowed before the almighty media and genuflected in the general direction of Rome, as instructed. Kerry must know this is all an elaborate game of pretend but won't come out and say it, leaving in place a public agenda that just looks like the Bush agenda, land of make believe and all: the campaign strategy is little more than attacking the land of make believe on the grounds that it was poorly constructed. It was, sure, but that's not the right question to ask, at least if you don't want to be carried off the field on a stretcher. Best he can do with this platform is try keeping people from worrying so much about it that it becomes the issue to override all others, most or all of which Kerry wins hands down. One would think it'd be enough.

    Furhter reflection on the commute: Election season can blow me. Would rather watch a remake of Glitter starring Dom Deluise on repeat than another 7 months of campaigning. One of them would at least become trascendental eventually. I am being too hard on the campaigning of a man who has a decent record on human rights and crony security politics, but acted like ass for the past four years like most democrats. But this is a country that still needs to absorb basic concepts like this as part of its collective repetoire, and by the looks of it this campaign isn't going to help.

    Update 3/22: Okay, so this does make it rather more simple to outflank El Presidente.

    Update 3/25: what happens when Circular Firing Squad of Flying Attack Monkeys attack?

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