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    juan cole, william polk...., 2004-11-08 10:42:17 | Main | freedom costs a buck-o-five..., 2004-11-09 12:02:29

    shrug it off:

    buried in most reports on Fallujah, "2/3rds of the residents have fled". I pointed this out to some folks and I was told that this is evidence of our great humanitarianism and why we're better than those we're targetting with care and precision bombs with the mere quarter mile blast radius - allowing women and children to flee so we only kill the terrorists or injuns or commies, nevermind the many women and children that have not flown and have been bombed and shot anyway, that's their choice not ours, we warned em.

    Was it a mere 4 years ago we were calling policies like that ethnic cleansing and using it as an excuse to bomb the hell out of Serbia? Is the regime in Sudan humanitarian for allowing most of the residents in Darfur to flee their homes rather than be murdered outright? No, of course not, when we do it - and you can't prove that we did it nobody saw us do it you've got no credible estimate we didn't do anything - it's okay, we have a higher purpose full of moral purpose: Eratz Amerca? Greater America? Something, I forget what it was exactly.

    Anyway, apparently Sullivan nearly shat himself because Maher talked to Chomsky without describing him as a hate-filled, tyrannical monster. At least Chomsky isn't full of dumbass poo, just whatever chomskies are full of.

    update: transcript.

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