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    ah sweet democracy!

    Everyone inside the Beltway knows that for the average citizen to write or call his or her U.S. representative is a waste of time. Period. Yet, through a force as mysterious as gravity, this kind of information stays within the circle. Whenever I hear someone proudly declare that they feel so strongly about an issue, they are going to write to their congresswoman, I say, "Don't bother."

    Don't bother, because the only person who's going to read your letter or hear your phone call is an intern, or if you're lucky, a legislative assistant (L.A.), at the bottom of the congressional payroll. Interns don't make policy decisions or even speak with congressmen. They sort your mail and answer your phone calls.

    We should really be taking over these fuckers' offices. Start by sending brigades of senior citizens into their senator's offices to demand free-trade for consumers to buy back American drugs from Canada and adoption of their bargaining system under the federal prescription drug programs so they can buy their drugs here. The genetically modified cows, otherwise, are never gonna come home.

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