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    "phantom aid", or, "I want to be an international consultant when I grow up"..., 2005-06-01 01:59:44 | Main | venezuela..., 2005-06-01 11:41:51

    somehow the United States is a violator of human rights:

    apparently the chatter attempting to discredit Amnesty for its 'gulag of our time' comment should be taken seriously, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal went so far as to talk about "moral degradation", and not on their part. So much hypocrasy, so little time, to quote rudepundit, "if for no other reason than Amnesty International was cited copiously in White House background papers on how fucked up Iraq was under Saddam Hussein."

    On the phrase itself being inflammatory, 'of our time' would make it a comparison relative to our time, i.e. this is the closest thing the world presently has to Stalin's gulags. One could arguably argue that other countries deserve the Gulag of Our Time Award more, but North Korea and China aren't suffering from a messianic complex in which they imagine themselves to be liberating vast tracts of the globe.

    Or you could argue - as we have a 'justice' system that's incarcerating African Americans for drug possession at a rate 20-50 times higher than Caucasian Americans, while according to the NIH African Americans have the second lowest abuse rate in the country after Asian Americans, a gross case of unequal treatment for, furthermore, a victimless political crime, creating the largest prison population in the world at least some of which is used as forced labor - that Amnesty should have given us the GOT years ago. Maybe the addition of secret prisons, ghost detainees, and torture chambers that numberous investigations described as "systematic" was just the last straw.

    But I digress: most of the countries that would be in competition for the GOT Award are holding prisoners for us, see: worldwide system of injustice and torture. It's been a most outstanding performance and deserves some recognition.

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