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    "One can't doubt that the Ame..., 2006-02-25 16:08:15 | Main | SUPPORT THE TROOPS. And so fo..., 2006-02-28 11:21:00

    take that corporate ag subsidies!...:

    Oh, nevermind:

    U.S. Department of Agriculture's Commodity Supplemental Food Program [is eliminated in the 2007 budget]... About 90 percent of participants are seniors 60 and older with an income at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines. The program also serves low-income families...

    More than 525,000 people nationally participate in the program for which $107.2 million was appropriated this fiscal year.

    ...Monthly, nutritionally balanced "prescription food boxes" contain cereal, canned produce and protein, juice, peanut butter and a 2-pound brick of cheese. Donated produce also is included...

    So far as ag subsidies go a square meal is a square deal if somebody can't afford food in the first place. I'm not sure who thought it'd be a good idea to cut this one. Elsewhere, if you look around, it looks like there are caps on crop supports - no idea if they're serious, but it's something, and some corn and cotton subsidy cuts (yay). R&D for organic methods is cut from a miniscule $16M to $12M. And so on.

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