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    "that's what the big army calls the little army", or, atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant, Catholic Edition:

    Set aside justice, then, and what are nations but the triumph of terrorism? What are the spoils of terrorism but little nations? For in terrorism, the hands of the foot soldier are directed by the commander, the confederacy of them is sworn together, and the pillage is shared by law amongst them. And if those organizations grow up to keep bases, build towns, possess cities, and conquer adjoining nations, then their organization is no longer called "terrorist", but graced with the eminent name of "nation", given and gotten, not because they have left their wicked practices behind but because they now practice them with a wicked impunity.

    Elegant and excellent was that terrorist's answer to the great Macedonian Alexander the Great, who had captured him; the King asked him how he dare molest the seas, so he replied, "How dare you molest the whole earth? Because I do it only with a little army I am called terrorist: but you with your squadrons of flying killer robots are called leader of the free world."

    And then at great length the esteemed author goes on to argue quite convincingly that the Gods of Door Hinges have quite fantastically failed to relieve us of squeaky hinges, and rather less convincingly goes on to profess that his particular terrorist organization -- which worships not the God of Door Hinges but the God That Does Nothing for Hinges Which Hinges Don't Do For Themselves -- is the nation to end all nations.

    Rome having recently kicked the shit out of the Visigoths, you see, proved once and for all that Rome's God was better than theirs. Rome's sacking a few years later by the same bunch of heathens, who, you know, were defenders of the same faith, and who were subsequently conquered by followers of the same God by way of a different prophet, and so on, might be seen as temporary setbacks for said faith or as a routine passing of the torch, as pertains to the ultimate justice and authority of the God That Does Nothing for Hinges Which Hinges Don't Do For Themselves. But in the eyes of this particular court intellectual, it was The End of History. Thank heavens, it's all such a repetitive bore.

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