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    but now i rock a bar stool and drink for two..., 2007-04-01 00:22:48 | Main | Forrest Whitaker's portrayal o..., 2007-04-01 23:15:55

    the ergonomic obama:

    like a folding chair. I don't know why anybody has to do this song and dance routine for people who won't vote for them anyway and will sling the same mud regardless, at the expense of a larger potential voting block, even. Unless of course the money counts more than the votes, I suppose. So much for audacity and hope.

    It's like being a tightwad democratic congress: smeared as reckless spenders anyway but not delivering the goods to their natural constituencies, or at least the constituencies that aren't working for the Pentagon.

    Last Summer all we heard from Democrats were statements regarding "Israel's right to defend itself" while it was re-invading Lebanon. Their rejection - like John Bolton's - of working for an early ceasefire has crippled Israel with a decaying duck government that can't break out of the margin of error in the polls. Three percent approval. I can't really imagine what that's like, but continuing to argue in 2007 that Israel, with the US high stepping it in lockstep behind, chose the correct course of action in 2006 is really batshit insane. At best he's just wearing the same rusting boilerplate as everybody else for the money. At worst, he thinks he looks good in it.

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