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    post toasty to the bitter, you dig?..., 2008-06-17 23:07:09 | Main | shorter dollars and sense..., 2008-06-18 17:01:17

    the flap-dive, the float-plunge:

    It's incredible how the GOP's anti-Kerry messaging of 2004 so perfectly described the Launchpad McCain campaign of 2008.

    The only alteration required is that John McCain needs his own personal brand of flip-flop. John Kerry's foppish, unhealed wingtips were evocative of his famous windsurfing antics, followed by a sad bellyflop into the immaterial ocean of his emulsive campaign platform. Senator McQuack would seem to require some equivalent for his repeated flights of utter fancy, seizing on positions one moment only to let them crash and burn the next day.

    Will he flameout on the flight to the game, again? A trademark fumble that evokes his training mission that ended at the muddy bottom of Corpus Christi Bay, perhaps, or of his creation of a small Spanish energy crisis when he was "flying too low for no good reason" and severed their powerlines with his plane.

    He goes up, he goes down, he's never sure how he'll meet the ground. It's John 'Launchpad' McCain's signature "flutter-tumble".

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