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    The Numbers that Shape Your Imperial Project:

    from Iraq Democracy Watch:

    1. Current force level in Iraq: 175,000
    2. Estimated troop / peacekeeper requirements for successful rebuilding: 300,000
    3. Number of international forces expected soon: 20,000
    4. Average monthly salary in Iraq: $100
    5. Monthly income of Muqtada Sadr's Shi'ite group (very hard line): $65,000
    6. Total in salaries and expenses paid to-date to 600 U.S. staff members of Coalition Provisional Authority: $300 million ($5000 / person average)
    7. Total in salaries and pensions paid to-date to 24 million Iraqi state workers: less than $150 million ($6.25 / person average)
    8. Infrastructure repair costs required for Iraq's oil network: $1 billion
    9. Amount of repair costs for Iraq's oil network created by looting and sabotage: $800 million
    10. Amount needed to convert state infrastructure to a market economy: $200 billion
    11. Cost to maintain US occupation per month: $3 billion
    12. Oil revenues expected by end of 2003: $5.5 billion
    13. Number of American military interventions since 1776: 200.
    14. Number of nation-building attempts: 16.
    15. Number of successful nation-building attempts: 4, by the stretch of the imagination that counts Grenada and Panama as "successes".

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