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    Bush was never in the real mi..., 2003-07-07 10:46:04 | Main | Three pro-reform activists from the Office to Consolidate Unity have been kidnapped in Iran..., 2003-07-09 17:16:51

    the "opposition" on foreign policy:

    Howard Dean, the Likudnik. The more I read about him the more I'm convinced the guy will just dive straight past center and into right field if he gets the nomination, still have no idea why people think he's progressive or even liberal. I think he can beat Bush with all that goofy charisma of his, sure, but would I really care if he did?

    Kerry fairs marginally better, "What's at issue today is not U.S. support for colonial powers out of touch with history, but for autocratic regimes out of touch with their own people." I don't know if that means he'd withdraw support for Uzbekistan and the like, but I'd hope so. He's apparently aware of the fact that we're still propping up oppressive regimes and doesn't like it, which probably gives him the most progressive foreign policy of the establishment canidates. More specifically on Israel: "Not unilaterally and not before the fact, but the Mitchell proposal and American policy is that those settlements must stop and no one can sit with a straight face and look anybody in the eye and suggest that you cannot have those settlements be part of whatever a solution is going to be, but you need someone to negotiate with." He also made mention of Israel's willingness to freeze the settlements. Very funny.

    John Edwards can blow hot air with the best of them, but hasn't criticized settlement policy - making Kerry a bit of a lone wolf on that issue.

    Kucinich doesn't mention them either, actually, but still beats the lot of them hands down by being the only one to mention international law in the context of Israel: "If we seek to require the Palestinians, who do not have their own state, to adhere to a higher standard of conduct, should we not also ask Israel, with over a half century experience with statehood, to adhere to the basic standard of conduct, including meeting the requirements of international law?"

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