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    regulating IT security..., 2003-12-03 12:30:26 | Main | the past and future history of your imperial project..., 2003-12-03 16:21:35

    "the protesters did oppose trade, that is certainly how many were perceived by the media":

    Let's unpack that statement: Without any supporting data in a report headlined "Support for Free Trade," the spokesperson for the Pew Research Center contends that "many of the protesters did oppose trade," not only what's known as "free trade." In effect, the report -- while accepting without any hard evidence the media stereotype of protesters as simply anti-trade -- found that the public does not identify favorably with views that media have imputed to the protesters.

    Bruce Stokes, our convenient nominee for the Mr. Establishment Award for the duration of this entry, has here acknowledged the incredible, opaque bias of the corporate media and the misinformation campaign it has waged against the global justice movement for nearly a decade. Bravo to him.

    Now perhaps if Mr. Establishment bothered to read something other than such partisan garbage he might find some common ground with those he otherwise ridicules:

    we have been willing to disregard the impact of market based policies that we advocate and support -- unwilling to wrestle with the consequences those market based policies have for the weak and the poor in societies all over the world. ... We have repeatedly refused to propose policies, support policies, encourage policies, that would create a safety net that would help those hurt by the policies. I think that we can change that.

    By "we" he apparently means himself and his fellow pushers of the free trade agenda. It would, of course, be impolitic to note that "we" have actively sought to undermine such policies that might "help those hurt". What does he do about the "impact of those market based policies"? Lash out blindly and stupidly trash those who, for years, have not only thought they could change that, but tried to. So here's a big fuck you to Bruce Stokes, "the internal contradiction of our behavior abroad" my ass.

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