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    the Q is for Quackery:

    Funny bit from a program about a preschool pilot study in Michigan:

    [President] Johnson basically promised the nation that children who went to Head Start would be lifted out of poverty - because Head Start would make them "smarter." It would raise their IQs. But Perry Preschool teacher Louise Derman-Sparks worried there was too much riding on those IQ tests. She says they didn't seem to do a very good job measuring what her students knew.

    Derman-Sparks: We had these puzzles that were called "go together" puzzles you know, where you had like a Bingo card with six pictures and then you had separate picture cards and you were supposed to put what goes with each thing. And one of the children that I had kept putting a toothbrush on the refrigerator picture. Now on an IQ test, he would lose six months intelligence.

    But what she knew from visiting this child at home was that toothbrushes did go with refrigerators; his mother put them there to keep them away from cockroaches.

    Derman-Sparks: So what was actually on her part an act of resilience, hurt her son's IQ.

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