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    william odom says..., 2004-09-30 12:12:44 | Main | kicking them when they're down..., 2004-10-01 15:41:17

    the right lizard won:

    handily, we might add, in the realm of perception, which is the only one that mattered or for that matter existed. Both debators failed to make their cases appear consistent (unilateralism on iraq, multilateralism on NK/Iran, and visa-versa) though either could have bothered to do so easily (multilateral allies want us to go unilateral on NK is/isn't a reason to go unilateral, yadda).

    The debate failed to attract much of the electorate, but beat out last cycle by about 20 million: 63 million tuned in, still well short of the 80 million mark in the 1980 debates.

    In the realm of substance it may have been a tie or at least close, but discussing such would wash over the lack of much substance:

    1. Israel-Palestine.
    2. Plan Columbia. Drug war.
    3. Our global system of torture and abuse.
    4. AIDS, TB, malaria.
    5. Haiti, Congo, Cuba, Taiwan.
    6. Any of our friendly dictators, be they in central asia or the greater middle east.
    7. Any discussion of the problems in US policy in addressing third world development. Trade as foreign policy.

    But we got really trashed drinking on "it's hard work".

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