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    these french fries are too salty, fucking unions:

    This argument between education reformers Diane Ravitch and Steve Brill on Book TV is great, the host and subject spend much of the interview battling heroic internal struggles against powerful inclinations to rip the other's throat out with their teeth, which makes the otherwise dry recitation of competing facts into something more entertaining, like a boxing match or an episode of jackass.

    It might even be informative, too, but my take away is that even with Brill's final chapter revisions to hundreds of pages of union bashing and the usual "break the union and privatize the schools" organized money approach to looting public education funding, he and his ilk have a thorough ideological commitment to doing nothing about childhood poverty. Impressively they place an even higher priority on that commitment than their commitment to excusing management for the outcomes of contract negotiations and blaming anything they don't like on teachers' unions.

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