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    violations of the somali arms embargo:

    The NYT reports some blistering allegations from the UN about violations of the arms embargo on Somalia:

    The report ... accuses Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Syria of supplying the Somali Islamists with arms, advisers and fighters.

    Ties to Iran and Syria all occurred, it seems, via Hezbollah, so one is at a loss why Lebanon isn't listed. They make big hay over allegations that Hezbollah and the Somali ICU (presumably, "Islamists" could mean anybody I suppose) are working together.

    Here's one kicker:

    The panel does not say how the information was obtained.

    Empirical! Verifiable! Almost certainly 100% unpoliticized!

    But here's the real boner:

    The United Nations report is focused mostly on the increasingly volatile situation in Somalia, where Islamists took control of the capital, Mogadishu, in June from warlords backed by the United States.

    The US is never listed as a violator of the arms embargo by the NYT nor - we suppose - by the UN report they're reporting on. Exactly how do they think the US had "backed" said warlords, one wonders? Covert shipments of daisies and buttercups?

    update: you can download the actual report to the UNSC here [or the pdf more directly]. It notes ties between Somalia and Air Bas.

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