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    nifty. Somebody remind me to ..., 2005-02-02 08:45:12 | Main | continuing the brave fight against the awesome incompetence of the NGO community..., 2005-02-02 11:44:31

    we cannot be held responsible if the future turns out differently due to inaccuracies in the present:

    "I'm proud to vote in the election," said Shimon as he cast his ballot. "We have very little food or uncontaminated water; the electricity is off for up to twenty hours a day; medicines are virtually nonexistent, but at least we have ballot boxes and are free."

    Another, less typical Iraqi said that Saddam Hussein had kept the shops full and the power on for many years. "That was when the Americans were supporting him," she said. "So perhaps if we do as the Americans tell us today, another Saddam Hussein will come along and get things running again." But that Iraqi was a very old Iraqi and hardly typical at all.

    All the news that will be news around the world started last October. CNN and the Onion are indistinguishable aside the font face. Much of this, on the other hand, is brilliant.

:: posted by buermann @ 2005-02-02 08:48:58 CST | link

      Why, thank you. Very kind of you to say so; although, given the awesome auto-satirising potentialities of current events and those who profess to report them, I'm not at all sure how much credit I can take.

    posted by PhilipChallinor @ 2005-02-02 11:51:56 | link

      Absurdist satire has been mostly stuck either repeating actual headlines or devolving into (sometimes really good) surrealist gibberish about Medium Lobsters, given the absurdity of it all. Were credit mine to give you'd have some for resorting to niether.

    posted by buermann @ 2005-02-02 15:33:38 | link

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