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    the energy "crisis"..., 2004-01-15 15:04:09 | Main | crackheads and apricots..., 2004-01-16 15:25:25

    we is winning the war on terror - or - terror gets more "desperate":

    By far the greatest defect in the "global cavalry" strategy, however, is that it accentuates Washington's impulse to apply irrelevant military remedies to terrorism. As the prominent British military historian, Correlli Barnett, has observed, the U.S. attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq only increased the threat of al-Qaeda. From 1993 through the 9/11 assaults of 2001, there were five major al-Qaeda attacks worldwide; in the two years since then there have been seventeen such bombings, including the Istanbul suicide assaults on the British consulate and an HSBC Bank.

    Johnson's description of US military base infrastructure abroad sounds more like the establishment of entire cities in the hearts of foreign countries, might as well just call them as much: there are around 1,000 US cities abroad, encircling the planet, and the American inhibitants are armed to the teeth.

    Plus: the anti-war 'invasion would be the only context in which Saddam might cooperate with Al Qaeda' argument takes a n interseting hit.

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