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    it's crazy, but it just might "work"..., 2011-08-15 01:54:55 | Main | SHORTER KRUGMAN..., 2011-08-16 15:29:46

    well, that's one way of putting it:

    Reviewing the rules on the Affordable Care Act's monthly tax credits (paid directly to the private insurer) for folks below 400% of the federal poverty line Timothy Jost notes that they may end up owing large lump sums in repayments at the end of the year if their annual income rises, and if they end up above the thresh hold they would owe the entire $5,000 subsidy back at the end of the year. This would, needless to say, damage household finances.

    Don McCanne of PNHP comments:

    There is a profusion of complexities in the Affordable Care Act that adversely impact patient-consumers, many of which Professor Jost has described in this and other articles. Although, as an academic, he has limited his advocacy to supporting rules that benefit patients, we donít have to limit our own advocacy so narrowly.

    The Affordable Care Act is an abomination of inequitable and unjust administrative complexities and waste that can never achieve an equitable health system that serves everyone.

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