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    the gospel according to the social security administration..., 2009-03-02 07:51:34 | Main | strange company..., 2009-03-02 09:04:38

    why even vote on it:

    The amendment prohibiting the FCC from re-invoking the fairness doctrine will be seen by Bush appointees to the SCOTUS as an infringement on the executive's unitary power, the extra non-representative in the House from Utah is a bizarre political favor to the opposition that seems almost certainly unconstitutional, if nothing else it should get Republican panties in a bundle over the abuse of the national tongue, and last of all giving a representative to a non-state is literally unconstitutional. Isn't somebody in this government literate enough to read the instruction manual first? Return to Maryland what was Maryland's, like we returned Virginia territory to Virginia. Or make D.C. neighborhoods a state, mon, then they could keep their gun laws or whatever. What is this? They exercise a facade of local control when the rest of the country's national representatives get the occasional fancy to ignore their problems?

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