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    Whether for Bush reasons or Arab reasons, it is not happening, and we can't throw more good lives after good lives. ... The longer we maintain a unilateral failing strategy in Iraq, the harder it will be to build such a [anti-people-we-don't-like] coalition, and the stronger the enemies of freedom will become.

    About four friedmans ago - or two bidens - I said:

    The failure of occupation undermines moderate positions, and so increases the likelihood of civil war. ... We have niether the intelligence capabilities nor bombs smart enough to rid Iraq of foreign terrorists: the only forces capable of that are those who tolerate them now because they believe their immediate cause - fighting the occupation - is just. If we don't want Iraq to be a terrorist haven far into the distant future the sooner we exit the better.

    Friedman's Big Idea:

    I think we need to try a last-ditch Bosnia-like peace conference that would bring together all of Iraq's factions and neighbors.

    My thought four friedmans ago:

    if we wished to decrease the likelihood of civil war there would be an Iraqi national assembly with diplomatic protections guaranteed to representatives from insurgent factions and rebel-held towns

    Of course Friedman is still wrong, because the situation is so extraordinarily, utterly, disasterously lacking in any concievable hopes of rectification compared to what it looked like two years ago. The way things are going we'll be lucky to get ourselves out, let alone the Iraqis who have supported us.

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