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    iran offers to de-rogue..., 2004-03-24 12:12:54 | Main | "Agricultural policies all over the world can be the life or death of our farmers. Do they get a vote in your polities?"..., 2004-03-26 13:15:36


    brought to you by the reinvention of cheap labor: progress never stops.

    Via max. The tax cuts are creating jobs: everywhere but here. That's presumably the lesson.

    I've been fairly consistently employed, one way or another - a lot of it has been parttime underemployment at barely livable wages - in software development, which apparently makes me extremely lucky. By the usual leaps in economic sophistry you can try not blaming that on trade, or make seemingly empty promises about how it will be corrected in the future, but you can't help but look across the isle at the right-wing free-trade nuts and ponder the possibility that allying with them on capital mobility agreements might not be a particularly winning combination if they respond by refusing to reciprocate on education funding (remember the brain drain!) and social insurance programs to alleviate such rampant screwing of the middle class while doing their best to assist the flow of wealth to the top.

    Another point: with overhead costs factored in US businesses aren't necessarily saving that much by outsourcing, 30 percent in some cases. They could probably pay that here without problems, besides shrinking wages for American workers - better than no job. Wages are rising in India, health care costs are rising here, which is the bigger disincentive. But how about that "artificial job crisis".


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