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    You all know it means nothing because it really does mean nothing:

    REMINDER: You should know that the pretense that there is a hard and fast deadline this Friday for the House to pass a plan means nothing. You all know it means nothing because it really does mean nothing.

    Spikes in LIBOR and the TED spread can strike panic into the hearts of people who say they know what the fuck those things are, but everybody else seems to be in a good position to just juggle the shotguns until Paulson backs off his plan to pump puritanical peril into Bernanke's bumbling bazaar. The last chance to pass a bailout package would presumably be when they're finally willing to cave on some form of equity swap so that we don't lose our shirts for their fuckups.

    I still look at this problem and see a solution for the now 4.7 million displaced Iraqis, conveniently liberated from their homes by a country with crisis level surpluses in residential real estate. We literally have entire towns about to be nationalized and nobody to put in them.

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