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    you think lebanon is bad:

    the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq is reporting that the Iraqi Ministry of Health has reported that 14,000 Iraqi civillians have been killed so far this year alone and the number is on an upward trend:

    In late June, the Ministry of Health "acknowledged information stating that since 2003 at least 50,000 persons have been killed in violence and stated the number of deaths are probably under-reported." the report says.

    "The Baghdad morgue reportedly received 30,204 bodies from 2003 to mid-2006. Deaths numbering 18,933 occurred from 'military clashes' and 'terrorist attacks'" between April 5, 2004, and June 1, 2006.

    That's just those "killed in violence", 19,000 in Baghdad alone. This "oh 30,000 or so" stuff is absolutely jive. On top of that there's the massive degradation of health services, nutrition, water quality, etc., all stemming from the American invasion. Those bodies go uncounted.

    You can download the reports here.

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