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    you too could enjoy syriana:

    having finally seen it, I suggest they make a dishy soap opera along the same plot arch: wash out, rinse clean, martyrdom, repeat. Start in 1918, say, and move forth, Black Adder style. In the classic fashion write our hopeful band of martyrs as a trio of two wisecracking hedonists and a hopeless aesthetic, with an anonymous fourth cousin playing the straight Emir. The high level Western bureaucrats and their wealthy sovereign clients can be put on display like a reality set-piece, a la The Office, perhaps, in a cross with Yes Prime Minister. Talking in the most serious tones they issue forth nothing but incomprehensible babble. They often hold hands, when they're not stabbing eachother in the back. Maybe we fit scenes in of their former associates tearing apart court rooms. Meanwhile our lovable retinue of CIA agent and oil company consultants will always be unsuspecting roommates: the agent pretends to be Canadian or French, bringing in our classic Threes Company leitmotif, and the consultants would be, well, consultants. Their misdirecting jabber inspires cover stories of Seinfeldian proportions, while their living suspicions of eachother bring about M*A*S*Hesque pratical career assassinations. Steal liberally from well known sitcoms and obscured, absurd historical anecdote. Concatenate all plot development into unintelligibley brief three minute spurts. Hillarity ensues.

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