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cooperating in the war on terror:

means protecting terrorists who target Cuba. This is old news, apparently, but I only just learned that this continues on indefinetly. I'd thought my government had stopped assisting Cuban terrorist groups in 1966, but then I read - among other things - this:

Senior members of the FBI visited Cuba in 1998 to meet their Cuban counterparts, who gave with dossiers about what they suggested was a Miami-based terrorist network: information which had been compiled in part by Cubans who had infiltrated exile groups.

Three months later the FBI arrested the five men and charged them with conspiracy to commit espionage.

while I'm fact-checking Chomsky, whose latest screed on this is mostly illuminating and entirely absurd. His indirect linking of 1997 bombings of Cuban civillian targets to CANF - which the Cuban counter-terrorism agents were infilitrating - holds some water, more of which can be found here and here. It appears to me to be a disputed point - the clearest evidence is from Posada himself, the chief suspect in the 1997 attacks among others, who said in a series of interviews that he had received more than $200,000 over the years from the leader of CANF and other CANF officials.

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